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This is the missing link to thorough handicapping of any race. Body Language is only used by about 5% of the most successful handicappers yet so simple that anybody can master and use it.

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Greg Lawlor and Chet Bruce

What some people are saying:

Al Franzone. “I want to Thank You guys for revitalizing this important component and it has already helped me refocus on physicality where I had gotten somewhat lazy in part due to not going to the track anymore and betting at home.”

Ross Shiraki. "Saturday the first race I bet, I noticed a horse with dappling during the parade and two other horses that looked fit. I bet a $2WP bet and a $.50 trifecta. I hit a 19-1 without handicapping for a nice $55.00 payday which almost never happens."

Rod Young (Turfdom) . "On a scale of 1-10 I would rate this product a 9.5. It is the one link in handicapping that 97% of the players know very little about. If you want to improve your game, and who doesn’t, this webinar is well worth your time. You will WIN more and LOSE less often, I guarantee it.

Help remove the "guesswork" when it comes to Two Year Olds and Maidens!

Find the missing link in Handicapping

Use skills only known to 5% of all Handicappers

See why betting Favorites is a guaranteed loss

The key to success in Horse Racing is VALUE

Professionals may play only 3 or 4 races a day
He is looking for Value!

Use Body Language to spot Value!

Use Body Language to overcome the 20% Take Out to achieve a "Profitable Edge"

Use Body Language to

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Friday The 3rd
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